ECA Check Easygel

Model: 26001
E. coli, coliform and Aeromonas growth medium - Product for the detection of E.coli, coliforms and Aermonas. E. coli colonies are colored dark blue/indigo, coliforms are blue/blue gray and Aeromonas are pink/red. Some Salmonella spp. will grow as a green colonies.
Must be used with Easygel pretreated petri dishes. (included)
Medium storage: Freeze.
Medium shelf life: 1 year.
Dish storage: Room temperature.
Dish shelf life: 1 year.
1 set=10 tests(test = 1 medium bottle , 1 Regular treated petri dish)
Price: 1-9 sets of 10 - $38.00 per set
10 sets or more - $35.00 per set
Price: $38.00

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