Our products for water analysis are simple to use.  No special equipment or facilities are needed, allowing them to be used anywhere.  Follow the links below to find out more.



With Easygel, water testing is simple. Test environmental or drinking water easily with our patented Coliscan media, which is a patented combination of color-producing chemicals and nutrients that mark coliforms an E. coli in differing colors for easy identification. With Coliscan Easygel, you'll know whether fecal coliforms are present in your water. Check out the extended Coliscan Easygel description.


Membrane filtration makes potable-water and treated wastewater testing easy. Perfect for checking large samples of liquid for coliforms and E. coli, this method detects even low levels of coliforms. The colonies will grow on a membrane filter placed on a pad saturated with the Coliscan MF liquid medium in a petri dish. Check out the extended membrane filtration description.


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