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We are excited to add two new product lines: MicrotrapTM and KwikCount TM


Micrology Laboratories has built its global reputation for innovative products and customer service since its beginning as RCR Scientific Inc. in 1982 with the Pectin-Gel Method invented by Dr. Jonathan N. Roth. The ready-to-use Pectin Gel (trademarks Redigel and Easygel) liquid medium can be inoculated and poured into pretreated petri dishes where it gels at ambient temperature. This "pour plate" method, widely used in the food, beverage and water testing industries, can be allowed to gel and then inoculated on the gelled surface by swabbing, streaking, or exposure to the environment. This approach limits the size of test samples to a maximum of 10 mL and the common size is 1-5 mL.

Micrology Laboratories also offers media for membrane filtration. Numerous new media and methods have been invented. Some of these utilize the standard membrane filtration method of using filter funnels and active vacuum pressure, and the new MicrotrapTM method eliminates the need for accessory equipment and results in better recovery of target organisms. Also, the new KwikCount/TM technology allows accurate results in as little as 8 hrs without pre-enrichment or other time consuming steps.

The advantages of achieving accurate actual counts of target organisms at 8-12 hours (depending on species and conditions) is a quantum leap over the current test methods that require 18-24 hrs or more to obtain results. Our methods can be used as either P/A tests or will provide accurate quantitative counts.

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