New Coliscan Media

Coliscan® Easygel ® Plus*
for the
Identification and Differentiation
E. coli and Other Coliforms

The new Coliscan® Easygel® Plus does everything that the original Coliscan® Easygel® does, plus it allows those who may be unsure of the difference in color of the colonies growing in the medium to very easily verify that the colony is or is not glucuronidase positive. (That is, does it have blue color verifying it as E. coli or is it just a deep magenta and therefore a general coliform?) All that is needed is a long wave UV light source (available from Micrology Labs or other sources) and a dark room for viewing.

Your Coliscan® Easygel dishes and colonies will look identical to the original Coliscan® Easygel dishes with Blue/purple E. coli and pink/magenta other coliforms visible in ambient day or room light, but when you turn off the lights and shine the long wave UV on the bottom of the dish, any E. coli will be surrounded by a bright bluish fluorescent zone.

This application of two enzyme substrates testing for the same enzyme means that you have double verification for the presence of E. coli. It also means that the presence of E. coli may be detected and quantified as early as 12 hours incubation time.

*Patent Pending



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