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Nutrient T-salt Easygel®


Until Further Notice, Please Call (888) EAS-YGEL or (888) 327-9435 To Place Your Order. Thank You.​


Model: 19001

General bacteria growth – Product for the growth of general bacteria (total populations of microoranisms). Colonies will be pink or red due to the addition of Tetrazolium salt to the petri dish. This allows for easier colony counting. Total Count is also known as Aerobic Plate Count and Standard Plate Count.
Must be used with Easygel® pretreated petri dishes. (included)
Medium storage: Room temperature.
Medium shelf life: 1 year.
Dish storage: Room temperature.
Dish shelf life: 1 year.
1 set = 10 tests (test = 1 medium bottle , 1 T-salt treated petri dish)
Price: 1-9 sets of 10 – $19.25 per set
10 sets or more – $15.01 per set

Discounted to $22.69 per set for orders of 10 or more : Please call (888) EAS-YGEL to place order.


Easygel® is a registered trademark of Micrology Laboratories


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