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Easygel® - An Instant
Microbiological Media.

Reduce time spent preparing samples.


Spend less time preparing and more time performing

Easygel® replaces agar in microbiological media. Easygel® is designed to reduce sample preparation time with media and equipment that comes ready to use. Simply pour the Easygel® into a treated petri dish and you’re ready to test.

Use Easygel® for microbiological investigations, air quality tests, water analysis, and other bacterial and fungal experiments. Learn how Easygel® can simplify sample preparation and reduce your margin for error.


Rapid Testing Made Simple

Easy to Use

Using Easygel® is as simple as pouring our premade liquid medium into a pretreated petri dish. Gelling takes 40 minutes and after that, your sample is ready for use.

Reduce Preparation Time

Prepare dishes in under an hour with no autoclaving using our patented technology and gelling process. 

Decrease Margin of Error

Eliminate user error occurring during  sample preparation. Our Easygel® kits come sterile and ready to use out of the box.

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What is important

Innovative Approach. Simple Solution.

Results are important to us. That is why all the questions and problems we are going to work on are individually compiled according to your needs.

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Faster Than Traditional Agar

Our patented medium gets you your results up to four times faster than a traditional agar gel.

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Less Preparation Time

Make preparation easy with our simple medium liquid solution poured into a pretreated petri dish.