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About Us

At Micrology Laboratories, you’ll find microbiology made easy. With our state-of-the-art, simplified technology, your microbiological investigations will take less time and leave less margin for error. We design for easy use, offering products to meet scientific, industrial, educational and home-use needs. We offer two patented approaches to investigation, each with its own unique advantages.

The first is ideal for pour plate, swab plate or streak plate techniques where small test samples (up to 5 mL) are added directly to the medium.

Easygel is our patented testing method. Not an agar, but an agar replacement, Easygel comes in a sterilized, two-piece unit, including a bottle of liquid medium and a petri dish treated with a special formulation. The equipment comes ready to use: the user simply pours the bottle of liquid medium into a treated petri dish. Within 40 minutes, the solution solidifies.  For more information, see the extended method description.

With Easygel, water testing is simple. Test environmental or drinking water easily with our patented Coliscan media, which is a patented combination of color-producing chemicals and nutrients that mark coliforms an E. coli in differing colors for easy identification . With Coliscan Easygel, you’ll know whether fecal coliforms are present in your water. Check out the extended Coliscan Easygel description.

The Easygel method can also be used for other microbiological investigations, including air quality tests and other bacterial and fungal experiments. Easygel can be purchased in a kit for a specific investigation, or as a separate product. See the product catalog for more information.

Our second method is best for larger test samples of filterable liquid, and is used most frequently with our Coliscan media for investigations of E. coli and other coliforms:

Membrane filtration makes potable-water and treated wastewater testing easy. Perfect for checking large samples of liquid for coliforms and E. coli, this method detects even low levels of coliforms. The colonies will grow on a membrane filter placed on a pad saturated with the Coliscan MF liquid medium in a petri dish. Check out the extended membrane filtration description.

Tools for the membrane filtration method can be bought individually or in specialized kits. See the product catalog for more information.

Ordering information

If you are interested in purchasing any of our Easygel products, please call 1-888-EASYGEL (327-9435) or email to