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Coliscan® Easygel®



Model: 25001

Selective For: E. coli and other coliforms

Description: Coliscan® is a clear medium containing two chromogenic substrates. One is cleaved by the enzyme galactosidase (produced almost exclusively by coliforms) to produce an insoluble pink compound. This causes coliform colonies to be pink/red. The second is cleaved by the enzyme glucuronidase (produced almost exclusively by E. coli) to produce an insoluble teal compound. Using the two compounds allows easy visual distinction between general coliforms (pink/red colonies) and E. coli (pink + teal = blue/purple colonies)

Composition: Contains nutrients, inhibitors and chromogenic substrate mix. pH 7.3 +/- 0.2

Procedure: Use standard methodology for product being tested.

Incubation time and temperature:

24-48 hrs at 35°C.

It is possible to take accurate readings at 24 hours incubation time.

Colors will intensify and colony size will be larger at 36-48 hours.

Interpretation: E. coli colonies will have a blue/purple overall colony color. Other coliforms (Enterobacter, Citrobacter and Klebsiella spp.) are pink to red in color. Proteus and Salmonella will generally grow as white colonies. Gram-positive organisms are generally inhibited. An occasional teal colony is indicative of a non-coliform which has the ability to produce glucuronidase but not galactosidase. A few strains of Salmonella and Shigella have this capability.

Storage: Freeze

Shelf Life: 1 year

1 set = 10 tests (test = 1 medium bottle, 1 regular treated petri dish)

Discounted to $32.15 per set for orders of 10 or more : Please call (888) EAS-YGEL to place order.

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