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Mold Test Easygel® #MLD01


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Model: MLD01

Description: The Mold Test medium is formulated to give excellent overall growth for the target organisms. It contains a general bacterial inhibitor so that virtually no bacteria will grow to interfere with the germination and growth of mold and yeast propagules. It also has an acidic pH which favors mold and yeast and tends to discourage most bacteria. Best suited for air quality.

Not intended for use with food or beverage products.  Must be used with Easygel pretreated petri dishes. (included)

Selective For: Molds and Yeasts

Composition: Peptone, yeast and potato extracts, and glucose.

Procedure: Standard Methodology for product being tested.

Incubation time and temperature:

36-60 hrs at 25-32°C.
48-72 hrs at ambient temperatures.

Interpretation: Molds generally grow as filamentous colonies that continue to increase in diameter with age, and are often “fuzzy” on the top surface. Yeasts generally grow as more compact, non-filamentous colonies and are not “fuzzy”. Colonies of both may be colored or white, and the color forming in the center of mold colonies is generally due to the formation of spores.

Medium storage: Room temperature.

Medium shelf life: 1 year.

Dish storage: Closed bag, room temperature.

Dish shelf life: 1 year.

1 set = 10 tests (test = 1 medium bottle , 1 Regular treated petri dish)

Discounted to $29.30 per set for orders of 10 or more.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 48 × 48 cm


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