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Recombinant DNA Kit #RDK30



Model: RDK30

Discover one method by which genes that are resistant to antibiotics are transferred. Students transfer the genes for antibiotic resistance between different strains of bacteria.


6 Ampicillin Nutrient Easygel®
6 Naladixic Acid Nutrient Easygel®
6 Nutrient (plain) Easygel®
6 Streptomycin Nutrient Easygel®
6 Streptomycin + Ampicillin Nutrient Easygel®
30 Easygel® petri dishes
18 Swabs
2 broth cultures (E. coli resistant to Strep. & E. coli resistant to Amp. and Nal. Acid)
Teacher’s guide
Student worksheet (for duplication)

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Weight 2.267985122 lbs


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